Two Men Kilt On Chicago’s West Side, Police Tows Car Away From Crime Scene With Deceased Body Hanging Out #WGNTV

J Hustle:“They towed the car with the body hanging out of the window. When did it become procedure to tow a car with a deceased body hanging out of a window with a repo truck? Only in Chicago.


This horrific foul play took place on North Avers via Ferdinand. Friends & family reacts & shows frustration with CPD for their disrespect to the family & deceased.



From time to time, depending on the unique circumstances of the death, bodies may be left in vehicles and removed in private area at the Medical Examiner’s office. This would be done to protect the integrity of the crime scene (the car) while at the same time preserving the dignity of the deceased by handling their bodies in a private area rather than on the street in full view of onlookers. CPD is sensitive to the handling of bodies in public, and detective bureau has implemented procedures to minimize any community concerns that may arise from the manner in which crime scenes are processed


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