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We have now merged Barzrus Apparel w/ Amazon. Purchase Barzrus T-Shirts on Amazon prime now, & be on flee in a matter of days. HowBout Dat

All sizes & colors available. New designs periodically gets updated. Stay Tuned, it’z lit🔥

Litty: Pullover Hoodies

Barzrus: Tees

Barzrus – Stash House T-Shirts
Real Hitta: T-Shirts/ Hoodies
Courtesy of Real Hitta Tees

Barzrus has now stamped the official brand on numerous attire. We now have t-shirts, v-necks, leggings, capri’$, & hoodie$ on deck. We sponsor numerous artist with our clothing line including: Mack Mecca via (Robbin Hoods) & Asian Bop King to name a few. #Getintune
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Watch: I.L Will – Milly Rock (g-mix) video

S/o Connecticut artist/ battle rapper T. Sawyer whom popped out in the Cold War 111 battle.


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