Well with all your fav old shows that everyone looked up to now being exposed as a smoking mirror, nothing should surprise us. Lamont recently had an interview where he talked new movie, aging well, & the success of Sanford & Son all #becauseigothigh! Afro Man voice:

It would not of been so shocking if he threw hisself under the bus, but he threw the whole cast under that mf. Yep, he also was so confident in his testimony he revealed he the SUPPLIER was. You’ll never guess who had dat pack way back then. #AuntEsther


Real full article #here

Watch Below as Lamont turns state on Fred G $anford & the G stands for #gas, Aunt Esther was guilty of being high & also she was stated to be the SUPPLIER, Rollo also was on cloud 9 off whatever lean they mixed up. #Hooch

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