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21 Savage Modifies Grand Theft Auto’s Treatment For – Bank Account (#Video)

Powered By. GTA 21 21

21 Savage has gotten super creative nowadays with that drill $h÷t. Lots of gang shit in play, & it happens to not be on your xbox.

Scenery may look familiar in the following hd visual. You can very well gets your controllers ready as you might just feel like you’re apart of the screen, fuckery, & bank account that 21 Savage showcases.

Posted By. XoTheeGreat

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Relationship Goals| Jeremih Doesn’t Need Wifi To Get To Justine Skye’s Hotspot In – Back For More (#Video)

Powered By Who Would’ve Ever Thought? I Wish This Was Me| Relationship Goals

I don’t have a laptop at the time any damn ways. Somebody go run & tell that to the most recent face of True Religion. Yep, what she said: no wifi you get to my hotspot.

That sounds like music to Chicago own Jeremih’s ears. I (Eggo Da WaffleMan) don’t blame Jeremih for being an opportunist in the role he was blessed to play in Back For More. Hey ladies, btw I’m a single heavy set Dj. Wassup?

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#DjBigCupGoCrazy| Lil Drank Releases – You Yo Daddy Son (#Playlist) On Spotify

Powered By. Lil Drank aka Dj BigCup

One of Chicago’s hardest working bloggers/ Djs is back to work. Also known by the alias Lil Drank via Spotify has made a goal months back with Dj Waffles to gather the dopest music out each month. This month of August Lil Drank picked up where Dj Waffles left.
Cash Me Ousside HowBout Dat

Now you can enjoy You Yo Daddy Son playlist featuring whomevers hot right now. In case you missed Eggo Da WaffleMan‘s (Dj Waffles) mix follow him now on Spotify.

S/o Dj BigCup fr fr.

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True Religion 2017| New Arrivals Powered By Geno & Rocco

Powered By. Talk Is Cheap.

As we all may have heard the rumors/ gossip on True Religion‘s alleged financial status. That’s not up for debate at the moment, or when it comes down to the everyday fashion geek. As far as the quality of garments & expected top notch fashion, ain’t nothing rocky about that.

Lately Rocco skinny jeans has been buzzing in urban & upscale environments. Very trendy & sauced up for different occasions. Me myself (Dj Waffles) is more of a loose fit jean wearing trap star. Not to mention I’m waaaay to big to be f#cking around lbvs. Or maybe not? Ion think the women give a damn long as I’m fresh ya feel me!

Geno brand jeans is another option of the latest eye cathers via True Religion. Deals deals deals is all most folks care about. There’$ plenty poppin right now courtesy of your local upscale retailers. Thank me later

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New Arrivals| Reebok Classic Tees On Splash, 2017 Litty Edition

Powered By. You Ain’t Got Deez.

From a Reebok consumer & hard judge on fashion/ shoes, I feel my opinion matters lol. These new classic t-shirts circulating this summer are definitely lit. I (Redsnappa) happened to see my little sister pop out in a baby orange/ greyish shirt i wanted to take off her back.

I don’t know what y’all finna be putting on, but me myself & Reeebok finna be on everything with my all white classics to match #fawkumean

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A Bih Just Sucked My Dih She Look Just Like Rihanna – 1500 (Lil Reese, Lil Durk)

Powered By. Supa vultures| Otf| O’Block

It’s a whole lotta gang sh÷t goin down on this Supa Vultures upcoming project. Ain’t no telling what Durk & Reese might do or say next. One unexpected quoteable on this second installment of the project was geared towards a Ree Ree clone.

Shidd there’s a lot of Rihanna lookalikes around thottyville. You betta get you one lol. Now Playing 1500 by Durk & Reese.

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#Video| Tim Million & G-Rome – Animal Crackers |Dir: By @VSZN

Powered By. T.O.C.| Talk Of Chicago | Aldi’s| Food 4 Less| VSZN

Chicago indie hip hop artist Tim Million has teamed up with Delaware music producer G-Rome. The duo has created a diverse sound of music up to this point. Basically you never know what you are going to get from these artist. They have re-released their project Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, & it can be now streamed on Spotify, Tidal, Itunes, IHeartRadio , Amazon, Google Play & SoundCloud.
Enjoy Animal Crackers for the moment tho, it will in your best interest for you to get in tune.

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Lil Reese & Durk Ain’t Shooting From A – Distance (#Video) |Dir: By @AzaeProduction

Powered By. Supa Vultures| Backwoods💨

Lil Reese & Durk has great collaborative project expected this month called Supa Vultures. The first single & visual from their tape can be heard/ viewed below. Get in tune early we ask of you.

For all you super tough azz hittaz, Durk & Reese has a special psa. Let the kids live you hear me. If you gone do it, stop doing it from a distance fuq boi.

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Now Playing| Real Hitta Radio @iHeartRadio, Follow: Real Hitta @PandoraMusic @RealHittaMusic

Powered By. Real Hitta Tees👕🎽| iHeartRadio| Pandora

Your favorite indy radio station has now went viral. Recently more options for Real Hitta opened up besides the usual streaming via BarzRus App & Tune In. Courtesy of iHeart & Pandora Real Hitta Radio will be available 24/7 on their platforms.

What’s this means? life has just got even better big dummy. Thotty B°°ch, Bobble Head (feat. BarzRus), & Eenie Meenie are a few of what you can catch in rotation. Press Play already.

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Jimi Tents Pulls Out The Drop Top, Says He Feels Like – Rick Rubin (#Watch)

Powered By. Shell Gas⛽| Rick Rubin

Jimi Tents wasn’t obeying traffic laws at all in the drop top headed to pool party number one. Acting a whole fool on the passenger side of the vehicle with his afro blowing from the summer breeze. Must be nice when you got thots on thots & bottles on bottles. Watch This!

Who else but Rick Rubin could get away with no seatbelt? Kids don’t try that at home. Leave it to Big Ruben.

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