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#WakeNbakeMix 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM| Mon thru Sun

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S/o TuneIn Radio💯💯 ✅ us out/ Search (Real Hitta Radio) to find us:

#DjWafflesRushHourMix🍗: 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM| Mon thru Sun

#DjBigCupGoCrazy🍻🍺: 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM (Midnite) Mon thru Sunday

#MidnightDusties 12:00am to 1:00am Mon thru Sun

RedsnappaAfterHours👧: 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM| Mon thru Sunday

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TaySav Says Pappy’s Death Wasn’t Shocking Because Of The Life He Lived| Zack TV


TaySav (Young Pappy’s lil bother) links up with Zack Tv on the norf pole to touch base on some of everything. As usual gang nem was with him (Tfg/ Pbg) rollin up gas cool calm & hoodlective.

Some powerful facts was revealed & lots of insight on Taysav’s uptown land him Pappy & BuDouble has put on for. Find out for your damn self what’s on lil bro’s mind for the minute.


STREAM music via Tfg TaySav on Real Hitta Radio (2pm #RedSnappaTakeover)

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New Project| Swagga – Sounds Like Swagga. Sounds Like You. #EP (@SwaggaTweetTeam @PandoraMusic)

Powered By. Pandora Radio| Real Hitta Radio| BarzRus Ent: release: 06/09/17


Chicago drill music surrounded by sauce, is just one way too describe this 6 song new ep from Swagga. Chicago actor rapper Sounds Like Swagga, maybe BarzRus or Talkofchicago. On behalf of Pandora’s curation team approving Swagga Radio, this body of work managed to get inspired & flourish off of that.

Production cred: 1. BluePistolBaby, 2. MjNichols, 3. Raisi K, 4. Young J Tha Prince, 5. Akodaz, & 6. Vasquez Beats.

Video promo for: Pandora – Sounds Like Swagga!
On YouTube
Follow SwaggaTweetTeam, Swagga Radio

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Bump J Releases First Official Single – Good 2 Be Home| @YouTube Xclusive #GoonSquad

Produced By. Cardo| Goon Squad Xclusive💯

First of all Welcome home once again Bump. Seven long years give or take deprived from Chighanistan it has been for the City’s poster boy. Despite all the trials & tribulations Chief managed to use being begind barz to his advantage.

Hoopin was just one of Bumpy’s hobby, lifting weights, furthering education, boxing, & finessing his notebook also was in play. On nat note press▶ already if you know what feeling good 2 be home feels like. If you don’t know the feeling, press▶ if you just want to hear some heat Joe.📚🏀

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OnGod| Korporate Flips Family Matters (theme) to Chicago Matters In #BlackChicagoBeLikePart24 (Vlog)


One of Chicago’s funniest/ talented artist has put another twist on family matters. Korporate gets Chella H, Bishop Don, Tha Pope, Sasha Go Hard, Fatz, Rico Recklezz, Donterio Hundon, Brazile, & more to pop out. On baby mfs got baked on set & kids wasn’t on their best behavior either. You already should expect the unexpected in Chicago Matters. Watch #BlackChicagoBeLikePart24


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The saga continues

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#Splash| Corey Finesse Pool Party Pimpin In Don’t – Waste My Time (#Video)

Powered By. Thotorama


You can catch Corey Finesse taking a double take (as you should) on the baddest baddie in his newest visual. All he ask is you don’t waste my time, or his. I (Waffleman) wasn’t invited to this pool party, but next time i’ll just end up on set yafeelme? #waffles

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Video| Money Man – Ride For Me (@BcMoneyMan86)

Powered By Secret Society:


Money Man has one question for y’all! How you gone ride for me? When you won’t even ride for yourself. Pow, shots fired💥💥👈. Press ▶ on the money bag awready!

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Welcome Home| Blac Youngsta – Birthday (@BlacYoungstaFB)

Powered By Cake| Cmg


First off welcome home to Blac Youngsta whom is now fresh out on bond. The money man aka Litty Bitty Whoress wasted now time releasing his new single birthday (Dolph diss). Track goes brazy despite the fact i (Lil Drank) fux wit Dolph. Me & my big cup🍻 happen to only be on the outside looking in. Smh

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Pre-Order| Real Hitta – Thotty Bitch @RealHittaMusic, Real Hitta Radio Coming Soon To Pandora

Powered By. Amazon Spotify Pandora itunes iHeart Radio Tidal Deezer Saavn Google Play Real Hitta Music 🍎Music

THOTTY BITCH COVER ART_201705211215180141_2_1400x1400

You got hot sauce in yo gucci bag with yo goofy azz/
Machine gun from China Man ion do Japan
. That pretty much sizes up a thotty bitch. Wonder if Beyonce & her hive would approve of this message lol.


Look out for Real Hitta Eenie Meenie (feat. Wendy Citi) & Real Hitta – Bobble Head (feat. BarzRus) dropping 05/26/17 also.

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Gang Gang Gang| Young Thug – Free Blac Youngsta (@YoungThug) #FreeBlacYoungsta

Powered By #Fuck12


Lots of Youngsta fans seemed to have felt similar to Thuggers reaction to Blac Youngsta’s scenerio. Young Thug wastes no time to show his support of the perpetrator (shooter). As the world awaits the outcome & releases of CMG poster boy, you now have something to smack in the whip to show your support as well. Litty bitty whores, press play till they #FreeBlacYoungsta

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Yfn Lucci Reflects On Struggle In – Been Broke Before (Visual)

Powered By. Da Money Bag


Back then they ain’t want me, now i’m caliente they all on me“. Mike Jones’ (voice). Yfn knows this story all so well. To the point he wrote a song about it, & now has a video to accompany. This shit been goin like this whenever a mf come up in play. Today is a different day, but back then👈👀Lucci been broke before.

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