Alejandra @Xzibit Can You Pimp My Ride?| Xzibit “No Bitch, Shits Been Over For A Decade. Get A Job” @Alejandra_OvoXo

OnPowered By Pimp My Ride 🚗| 😤😂😂😂| Tweets On Flee

Wow, you gotta be more careful lol! Xzibit might very well be the wrong mf to send a sarcastic tweet to. Or could it be the fact Alejandra didnt realize her question was a rhetorical one?


However, tha homie Xzibit later let the fm fan know via a sub-tweet that he actually is not a bad guy. We have no comment in this situation except our opinion of, Think Before You Speak.


At the end of the day Alejandra actually does have a job. So s/o to her. She just might slide on Xzibit wit a Pimped Out Ride regardless. 💪👸

Xzibit f/ Eminem – Don’t Approach Me


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