Found Guilty| Cdai & RondoNumbaNine Now Awaits Sentencing, Faces 45 To Life Revealed Via: 600Breezy

#FreeTheGuyz smdh

Rondo & Cdai long awaited trial came to a bitter end today (friday) revealed by 600Beezy’s ig. Just yesterday Durk informed his fans of a promising happy ending for Rondo nem being in that jam due to snitches being pressured by 12.


However things tends not to always go as expected when dealing with the court system. In the murder trial of taxi driver/ reputable young african american Javan Boyd, NumbaNine & Cdai was found guilty.


What a sad situation for these two found guilty & the rest of young african americans whom gets themselves trapped & become statistics. Javan definitely didn’t deserve to lose his life over stupidity, but now three lifes are taken away to somewhat give some sort of justice, or naw? Prayers goes out to all the families related to all three of these guys.


#WhenDrillGoesWrong #smdh

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