New Music| Buttafuko – Big Money f/ Swagga (#ProducedbyJbell) @Butta773 @Talkofchicago #RnR

Reliable sources recently reported BagBoyButta aka Buttafuko managed to find his way to an even bigger bag. With that we all know mo money mo problems (Biggie voice) comes along. Yep, rumor has it brother Buttafuko purchased a new truck, Pelle coat, & the new Marvin Martian’s #7 Mics #early! On the otherhand Swagga copped the white edition #MarvinMartian’$ for his shordy, #salute

One thing you can bet tho, is that with Big Money the amount of haters it attracts is even bigger. Who would expect for someone to impersonate Marvin The Martian in order to attempt pokin Butta & Swagg moments after leaving Tops N Bottoms. Despite goin thru hell N back both pair of shoes are in their possession/ posted on instagram with a song to accompany them in retrospect, Big Money

Posted by Snappa
Produced by J.Bell


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