Lil Chris Says Lud Foe Is Fu & Unloyal After He Help Inspire His Career| Via #ZackTV

This is not about clout, it’s about respect – Lil Chris

The plot just thickened real fast with this Lil Chris/ Lud Foe situation√ It stemmed from Lil Chris (Dr. Dre) feeling discredited once he got wind of the vlad tv interview Lud Foe (Eaze E) & Kid Wonder just had. In the interview #Boochiegang (Lud Foe) told Vlad he records in his Dad crib! Thing is Chris allegedly recorded lots of Lud Foe’s hits & even gave him some Komak souped up tacos.

Lil Chris even stated to Zack he awaited payment from Lud Foe till he got his 1st of the month pay√

Powered by Taco Bell & Komak Gang.

Tapia West (Lacy) & the homie Black were also on set as the Xclusive interview took place. Tapia ate throughout the first ten minutes of the Q&A as Black did who knows.


Fact of the matter is #putsomerespekonmyname is Lil Chris whole issue. Cousin Nephew (Lud Foe’s Cuzzo) also feels flabberghasted over so called lies Foe told!

    This shit gettin out of hand! I never thought in a million years

is what was stated from King Nephew on the initial post BarzRus posted on this matter.

Hopefully Boochiegang, Nephew, & Ktg (Lil Chris) resolve what was once a well connected talented Out West 290 circle.

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