Lil Chris (Ktg) Reveals Source Of The Sound That Got Lud Foe Bussin (@LilChrisKTown)

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Who wouldn’t want the credit & respect that they’re entitled to is Lil Chris question. Earlier this morning we received a notification from Lil Chris via instagram addressing he’s not getting credit he deserves. Chris ig’s video of Lud Foe consisted of footage of Foe t’d up in the studio prepping Im Da Man single.
The issue apparently is Lud Foe mild s/o aint good enough. Lil Chris is open for interviews as he will expose his side of the story of where Boochie Gang sound arose.


screenshot_2016-12-13-12-42-30   #Watch: Lil Chris f/ Bo Deal – Thug Life    #NP on Real Hitta Radio screenshot_2016-12-16-04-06-32   Despite the differences now at hand, you can still search youtube & find multiple collabs from Lil Chris & Lud Foe. The following is one posted via cousin Nephew’s instagram with objective to prove Lil Chris claim is legitimate. We don’t know nor have any opinion on this matter however.


This shit getting out of hand: Those were the words Nephew uttered as he picked up his double cheesburger with lettuce & mayo.


Nephew (Lud Foe’s Cousin) i never thought in a milliin years, appalled over Lud Foe’s answers was Neph. calls Cuzzo a liar, says he’s riding with lil Chris due to him not getting appropriate cred.


#NP| Lud Foe x Nephew – Shoot Ya

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