Baby Smart 101| Citikidz Sneakers Ball

Baby Smart (Season 1) will soon be available for streaming via your favorite platforms. Chicago’s very own Melody Zinn has launched her very own TV Show. Stay tuned as the youngest rapper/ actor takes the big screen by storm. 

Five year old rapper/ actor Melody Zinn leads the family in season one of Baby Smart. Older sibling Mariel takes on the role of Moogy, a pessimist/ naysayer.

On the other hand Lil Bonnet (Maranda Zinn) is the optimistic sibling whom loves art. Lil Lyric (Lyric Zinn) in his own world chasing girls & Hoop dreams.

Far from typical parenting from father Chino (Mandrell Nichols). Luckily momager Celine (Falisa Zinn) keeps everyone balanced, except Baby Smart.


New urban family show involving four competitive siblings. The youngest of the bunch Baby Smart (Melody Zinn) demands the utmost respect & attention though.
The ZinNichols plans on making it one way or another in this musical season of dramady.


Mandrell Nichols (Director)
Talkofchicago (Producer)
Falisa Zinn (Composer)
Mariel Zinn (Composer)
Maranda Zinn (Composer)
Lyric Zinn (Composer)
Melody Zinn (Composer)

Citikidz Sneakers Ball|

Staying fresh in Chicago for schoolagers goes without question. When Sneakers Ball comes around you have to be a little more drippy/ creative it seems. Baby Smart has something up her sleeve to shine amongst the stars though. Team big drip!

Baby Smart 101 

Baby Smart 102| Baby Shark Toca Life Vacation


Melody Zinn (Baby Smart)
Maranda Zinn (Lil Bonnet)
Lyric Zinn (Lil Lyric)
Falisa Zinn (Celine)
Mandrell Nichols (Chino)
Mariel Zinn (Moogy)

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