PSA| Big Drako – Biggest Comeback of the Year, Available on All Platforms

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Posted By. DJ Big Cup

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Premiere| Auto Toon – In My Bag, Now on Spotify, Itunes & Tidal

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Posted By. Selena Slevine

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It’s Lit| Lil Drank – Double Cup (2k19 Dance Track), Available on All Streaming Platforms

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Chicago pourin’ up King (Lil Drank) delivers another anthem inspired by his styrofoam cup. Despite the song being titled Double Cup, this classic his way more meaning to it. Snapbackondatrack touches on the Chicago juke scene via the production Lil Drank thrives off.
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Posted By. Selena Slevine.

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Video| Citikidz – Pull Yo Pants Up |Dir: By. P.Noble (@Citikidz)

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Chicago’s youngest rappers (Citikidz) all under the age of 8 years old has released their first official video. Production via South side’s own SnapBackOnDaTrack, & P.Noble put together the visual treatment. Pull Yo Pants Up is the newest wave that these kids has an issue with lol. Press play below & get in tune.

Posted By. Selena Selevine

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Stream| Real Hitta – Protocol, Available on Amazon, Apple Music & Pandora

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´ – Real Hitta

Posted By. XoTheeGreat

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Pick Up| Citikidz – Money Phone (feat. Swagga), on Spotify Google Play & Amazon

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Hold on real quick, Hello?
`my money phone ringing (hello)/
my money phone ringing (hello/
You broke ion speak to you, I’m iced out peekaboo/
I’m drippy like ah Easter egg, no talkin ion speak to feds


2k19 onversations via the youngest in charge will be all about the money bag. Therefore, talking short money probably will get your call cut short. Citikidz wrote a song all about it, Money Phone (featuring Swagga). Press play, & stream the first release of the New Year!

Posted By. Lil Drank

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NP| Twooodley, Wiz Khalifa & Talkofchicago – IBYA Challenge (feat. T-Dubb-O)

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UFC’s super champ Twooodley (Tyron Woodley) has stepped outside the octagon to whoop some a$$ in the booth. Yep, & we’ll beat yo a$$ if you disrecpect this new challenge. Stream IBYA Challenge now on all streaming platforms. Wiz Khalifa, Talkofchicago & T-Dubb-O appears to be on bs too.

Posted By. Redsnappa

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Stream| Swagga – Tesla (Bumbaclot), Available on Amazon, Pandora & Itunes

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Chicago artist Swagga has slid under the reggae genre for the top of 2k19. With the help of phenomenal producer KloudNineMusic we now have something to help get the clubs smackin. Stream Tesla (Bumbaclot) now on Amazon & Itunes. Available on all platforms 1/4/2019. Yea mon!

Posted By. Selena Slevine

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Leggings R us Available Online Via Teespring/ Barzrus Apparel!

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Leggings R us has expanded leggings in multiple indy brands available via Teespring. Wendy Citi (orange Font) leggings recently just premiered. Real Hitta (Orange Font) leggings available in white/ charcoal, or black base colors. Not to mention the kids even has their own little league of leggings powered by Citikidz.

On the otherhand if you’re more into a different sauce, Swagga leggings may be the perfect fit. Either way it goes Barzrus Apparel got you covered. Even if you gang we rocking with you, the gang gang (all white font) leggings way.

Posted By. Selena Slevine

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Real Hitta Hops Over Bobby Shmurda’s – Bobby Bitch, Presents °Thotty Bitch° f/ Swagga (Video)

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“Oh You Aint Know they call yu Thotty B#tch Thotty B°°ch #ThottyBitch”?
Oh Yu Aint kno Real Hitta borrowed Bobby Shmurda‘s *Bobby Bitch* producd by Dondre to present *Thotty Bitch*? Well now you know, #pow
Follow Real Hitta, Swagga

I re-up & place order still can’t afford to chill/
I just realized my daughter will need a quarter mill/
yu got hot sauce in gucci bag witcho goofy azz/
Machine gun from China man ion do Japan
” #ThottyBitch

Posted By. Dj BigCup

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