Julio Englewood Reports Live Via Englewood, Goes In On – Twitter Killaz (#Video)

Produced By. Piff

Sure we all know of some crazy azz internet head azz twitter killaz. They basically all around this mf. Facts still remains that sh%t ain’t cool though. Not even a lil bit, especially when it comes down to real life hittaz you dealing with.

Julio lets it be known in this new twitter killaz visual right here. You can hide behind that computer Big Mac, but for how long?

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Amazon Lit| Stainless Steel Rolltop 2-Loaf Bread Box On Sale (@AmazonLit @Amazon)

Powered By. Amazon Lit

Who would’ve ever thought they brought these exclusive bread holders back? My mother (Og Hedy) lately seemed to be a little irritated over her hubby (George) not quite wrapping the bread tie correctly. Which caused lots of good bread unfortunately to not last long as it could have.

Well the light bulb went off recently & my Og went to the solution (Amazon). They manage to always deliver the most oddest needed items. It would be in your best interest to grab you one of these brushed stainless steel rolltop 2-loaf bread boxes while they’re available.
POW, thank her later

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Talkofchicago Talks Different Strokes In Whatcha Talkin’ Bout (Audio)

Chicago artist Talkofchicago (1/3 of BarzRus) releases an up tempo new anthem for all the dumb questions folks may ask. This song embodies the perfect reply, whatcha talkin bout! Powered by Willis & Arnold via your most favorite quoteables. Chicago hip hop professional bull$hitta is back at it. Music as such deserves its own genre Abraham.
Stay tuned for: On Demand 2, this is a taste of what’s up next.

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Tune In| Dave East & Chris Brown – Perfect (#Audio)

Powered By. Mass Appeal Itunes| Spotify

Wow, i know the ladies will appreciate this as a big August jump off. C Breezy & Harlem’s freshest young bull Dave East collabs on a perfect single.

This right here especially for you Tyra aka Deja!

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Rico Recklezz Remixes Tay-K’s The Race, Presents – The Safe (#Video)

    Powered By. Free Ewol| Free Tay K: Recklezz Renegade

    Unfortunately for Tay-K the plot thickens as he is currently facing murder charges. The city (Chicago) is finding several ways to pay homage & show their unhappiness over his misfortune. Other folks chose creativy to pay homage sort of the way Rico Recklezz just did.

    Yep, The Race is now flipped to The Safe. Not to mention a hd exclusive Recklezz Renegade visual accompanies this work. Oh, you gone get this work: Loaded Lux voice.

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Stream| Bump J – I Want It All @ Spotify, Purchase Now @ Amazon

Produced By. Chase Davis| Goon Squad Ent

Greatness has surfaced once again from the big homie Bump. Back cooking up heat as usual, Chase Davis & Goon Squad’$ chemistry thus far has been phenomenal. So wtf makes you think it will slow tf dowm now?

Stream I Want It All already on Spotify. Come off that little 99cents & purchase this joint on Amazon.

Posted By. Dj BigCup

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Stream| Sinatris – How Can I Forget (Remix) @ Spotify, Hurry Up And Buy @ Amazon

Powered By. Game$et Ent| WeWorkingWhatYouDoing

Sinatris aka Mr. Jack’n For Beats (how can i forget) has released a gem. New music with all the seasoning & punchlines them other wrappers missing.

Press play on Chicago own hitmaker. Don’t hesitate to spend that little 99cents if you rockin with it.

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#Video| Bang Da Hitta – Mr. Rogers Back |Dir: By. @A309Vision

Powered By. Gang memberz| PBG| TFG| Pappy Gang

Ain’t no secret what the lil big homie Bang da Hitta represents for Chicago. Thing is he has a lil special request for you fuq n*gg@z this time around. As of yesterday bang is going by his alias Mr. Rogers.

Yep, you can very well say that Mr. Rogers Back. He rought some uptown gang memberz with him also. Cameo via TaySav & more. Press Play:

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BarzRus Radio Now Playing @PandoraMusic, Also Available Via @iHeartRadio |Search @BarzRus

Powered By. Pandora| iHeart | Chicago Music

Courtesy of iHeartRadio & Pandora Radio you can stream BarzRus music 24/ 7 alongside the elite artist. Iheart specifically has BarzRus streaming before & after your favorite mainstream artist. #Facts

On another note, Pandora has connected the dots .:. with a different type of strategy. BarzRus will spin in a pool of artist (mainstream / indy) whom has that similar sound & energy. The five artist whom Pandora felt the group BarzRus where very identical too are Denzel Curry, Drugrixh Peso, T!m Ned, Playboi Carti, & i think Chris Knight; but don’t quote me. Press play after you download your favorite app.

Choices to be made as both outlets that has chosen to pick up The Mixtape. Pandora & iheart both manage to have great experiences, yet still a different twist of broadcasting BarzRus radio. Chicago stand up already.

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#Video| Mouse & D Money – Fuck Hellabandz |Dir: By. @DineroFilms

Powered By. This ain’t no diss| Takedown Gang

Lil Mouse has some lil big issues he & D Money chose to get off their chest lately. Dinero Films was on set to capture the mood & picture painted. Only Lil Mouse knows all the details to the rocky ish he involved with at the moment. One thing mouse is letting be known is the fact he is a movement by his damn self. Lets hope everything calms itself down, or will the tone of things continue to be fuck hellabandz?

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