Rapper Young Dolph Shot Several Times, Police Thinks Yo Gotti Is A Person Of Interest

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Rapper Young Dolph shot several times in the body, stated to be currently in stable condition. Cbs news reports. Incident allegedly occured at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood. Officials feels this situation is just another level of the ongoing beef with Yo Gotti that hearsay has enhanced. Prayers up for Dolph as we hope he receives the speedy recovery he’s worthy of.


Yo Gotti Arrested On Shooting Of Young Dolph

At the end of the day once these type of allegations gets placed upon you, it’s safe to day downhill it typically goes. Some folks with a bag behind them such as Yo Gotti might disagree.

Despite media/ authorities assuming Yo Gotti to be a person of interest, new details says otherwise. Eventhough Yo Gotti is seen taking into custody, no charges his yet to be issued for the Cmg rapper. Corey McClendon, 43, has been charged with attempted murder in the shooting. His bond has been set at $1 million, said LAPD spokeswoman officer Irma Mota.

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Toys R’ us Considering Filing Bankruptcy Before The Holidays, Sources Says

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Besides all of the fuckery taking place in other news, the plot thickens for the minors right before Christmas. Seems like there isn’t a guarentee so far, but sources (The Wall Street Journal/ IGN) says it’s not looking good for our R’ us la familia.

Hopefully things don’t take a complete turn for the worse as we all know how much kids rely on their big/ unmatched outlet. Toys R us needs time to figure out a few things, so that we will give them.

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New Arrivals| BarzRus – Sounds Like You (P) Hoodies, Long Sleeves & Women’s Premium Tees

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Just once you thought every model/ style of hoodies has been presented, we are here to certainly surprise you. BarzRus Apparel has just launched the (P) edition hoodies, long sleeve tees & women’s premium tees. Just in case you’ve been sleeping under lower wacker drive lately, the (P) stands for Pandora. Suit yourself though, you can consider P an acronym for playa, pimp or pimpstress if you insist.

You have the options of pocking between several variety of colors & sizes. Btw, what good is peanut butter without the damn jelly? Stream/ purchase the official Swagga – Sounds Like You audio to accompany your purchase.

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Real Hitta Hops Over Bobby Shmurda’s – Bobby Bitch, Presents °Thotty Bitch° f/ Swagga (Video)

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“Oh You Aint Know they call yu Thotty B#tch Thotty B°°ch #ThottyBitch”?
Oh Yu Aint kno Real Hitta borrowed Bobby Shmurda‘s *Bobby Bitch* producd by Dondre to present *Thotty Bitch*? Well now you know, #pow
Follow Real Hitta, Swagga

I re-up & place order still can’t afford to chill/
I just realized my daughter will need a quarter mill/
yu got hot sauce in gucci bag witcho goofy azz/
Machine gun from China man ion do Japan
” #ThottyBitch

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New Arrivals| Cash Me Ousside HowBout Dat Kid’s Hoodies & Tees

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All we know is that it´s just the beginning of these cold days we will endure. I also know you just can’t wear that same ole hoodie everyday. So we have the solution which we don’t mind sharing.

Howbow one of the above Cash Me Ousside HowBout Dat kids crewnecks (hanes)? Oh, you’d rather a hoodie? Check out the assorted colors that BarzRus Apparel has to offer.

If you happen to be still be enjoying the last nice weather days left, or you’re blessed to have summer all year round you might want to try a kid’s premium tee.

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Amg Fresh Hops Over Cam`ron’s – Down & Out, Releases Video Directed By Laka Films

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Amg Fresh spittin nat 93 grade over this Kanye throwback track. Cam’ron wouldn’t be let down (we don’t think) if he was to get a dose of this unexpected remix. Watch Amg Fresh go brazy in Down & Out visual, directed by Laka.

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Pavy Invites The World On A Cruise Thru Cali In – Me, You & My Camaro (Video)

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The part of the society that consist of those whom aren’t able to travel & see the world shall become appreciative this very moment. Blessed are those whom gets to bare witness to Cali’s beautiful palm trees & surroundings. Courtesy of Pavy we can now get closure via me, you & my camaro visual. Well his camaro to be exact, but we hopped in for the journey.

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Hotel Employees Proves Kenneka Jenkins Could Not Have Locked Herself Inside Freezer

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Now we seem to be cooking with gas. Lets end all the speculations for one second. Crowne Plaza’s own hotel employees reveals there’s no way.

We all are aware it’s possible to unfortunately lock yourself inside of a walk in freezer. According to these employees though, there’s no way. No way possible Kenneka Jenkins could have locked herself inside this freezer, unless she wanted to.

Why? Because you have to pull the sliding door closed from the interior. The handle is inside & the door was not set to automatically close. Facts

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DcYoungFly Isn’t A Fan Of Wendy William’s Swimsuit Debut, Claims Her Body’s Built Like A Trombone

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Dc Youngfly takes his ig following to band class. Alleges Wendy Williams body is built like a trombone. After that he goes on to say it looks as is she farts up her back. Lmao, this is complete stupidity that our staff don’t condone.

Only weird thing about the whole situation is Wendy has soooo many enemies, the jokes cracked lead to a million views via ig. Karma is a mf some will say, or is it just Dc is an azzhole. I (Eggo Da Waffleman) don’t agree personally that her swimsuit looks like a diaper. Leave that lady alone Youngfly.

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Da Real Gee Money’s Auntie Sends Message To Rappers Shooter, `This Is A Hard Pill To Swallow´ Uncle Says

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First of all rest in peace Da Real Gee Money & condolences goes out to his family. This young black on black/ hate on hate epidemic is getting out of hand. When does it stops, does it? It’s sad & really ironic months back Boosie mentioned in an interview most rappers deaths happens in their own hometown. Let that marinate..

Shooters has to realize not only do you injure the shooter, you damage the spirits of their loved ones. There are people Aunties & Uncles left behind who you have to answer to…

Auntie happens to be looking for the shooter or shooters which creates more of an ongoing issue. Uncle Gee Money started off the Godly way by working with acceptance it appears in the video above. Well that was then, Unc is on y’all heels as of now. He mentions “this is a hard pill to swallow“. Prayers goes out to Gee Money’s family & friends.

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Watch| Da Real Gee Money Industry video

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