>>{#WATCH/ Full Fight} °Mayweather vs. Maidana° (@FloydMayweather @ChinoMaidana)

Personally i must say this full fight was outstanding! Underdog Latino boxer Maidana really put up a great battle against the champ. Chino managed to last the full twelve rounds which is rare againt Money Mayweather. On top of this Maidana even gave pretty boy Floyd a cut on top of his nose. Despite Floyd not bleeding in the ring in years.. he refuse to say the cut came fairly from Chino, lol. Mayweather claims the cut came from a bogus headbut?

Regardless of the fight being phenomenal, there can only be one winner. Floyd still walks away champ with bragging rights we all know he will utilize. #Watch Below

S/o both fighters & big ups to Floyd for giving Maidana his credit as a champ also!

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