>>{#VIDEO} – Rhymefest °4th Of July° [dir: Carlo Lieu x Alex Myung (@Rhymefest)

Despite Independence Day being 5 days in our rearview, `i aint done turn up *****’. Things in Chicago still pretty much crackin, yep we still celebrating!

On another note, the homie Rhymefest `4th Of July` video is a must see. Remember, we had to go thru trials & tribulations to celebrate this day in peace!

Unfortunately with the black on black crime that has gotten out of hand, we as a whole has taken our freedom for granted!
R.I.P to all of our fallen soldiers & prayer goes out to the madness we all endure residing in a place that seems to have converted from home to battlefield!

Posted by Snappa
Disposition: Dishonorable Discharge
After Effects: #PTSD


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