Empire’$ newest cast member/ artist seems to be goin clean tf in as the episodes go. Our sources say on the next ep which is episode 8, Freda aka Bre-Z will be performing her new banger Daddy’$ Little Girl. The twist is, this song appears to be a sneak diss from what we hear – geared toward Hakeem?


Ep208 (season 2 episode8) airs on #Fox at 9/8c – November 18th 2015. This special episode premieres Empire’s newest trending artist – Gutter Life! These acts are actually REAL ARTIST, PRODUCERS & DJS mainly from Chicagoland area. Dj Victoriouz, Chi-P, Paris Beuller, Swagga, Don Perrion, Ahunna Stacks, Dante Roze, Sincere, #Brezzy, Dj Trouble, Chi White, Ju Beats & LeoskiD are just a few of the star studded cast!


Those acts along with Vivica Fox will be viewing the rap battle between Freda & Keem at the bunker! Your fav #DjFunkMasterFlex will be on the 1’s & 2’s.

In case you missed>> Empire #Ep207 (season 2 episode 7)

WATCH #Here via 353 Online

EMPIRE | Preview: My Bad Parts


Empire: Hakeem VS Freda (Full battle):

WATCH: Empire Season 2 Episode 8

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