Bake Session| Donterio Hundon Bakes Lil Yachty’s New Hairdo, Calls Him Ronald McDonald (@McDonalds @LilYachty)


Wow, First Yung Joc goes thru an unwanted roast session due to his new perm,

then Dj Akademiks & the internet reacted to Jaheims relaxer,


& now Yachty? Yep, no punches held from Donterio Hundon via ig. Even Lil Yachty himself laughed at himself being called Ronald McDonald. Wtf is goin on with these new hair trends. The fans ain’t for none tho.


So what’s y’all honest opinion? Does Yachty look like SideShow Bob off the Simpsons, or naw?

Posted By. Redsnappa

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