(#Video) Julio Englewood °Reflections° f/ 1L (@BirdsEyeView33 On The Lens) @JulioEngleWood @BainesGod @EngleWoodLLC


As we reflect on *reflections* which recently BarzRus posted produced by Tony Baines, we now bring you an update. This here artistry can now be visualized coutesy of Birds Eye View.

Julio Englewood opens up about his return to society from a 3year prison sentence. He talks about his nephew who just received 24years down state which he inadvertently feels responsible for! These type of inner battles can cause regret depending how deep the situations goes/ whom you affect..With assistance via Tony Baines (@BainesGod) and 1L on the harmony, this here is a banga bangah banger banger…

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