True Religion 2017| New Arrivals Powered By Geno & Rocco

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As we all may have heard the rumors/ gossip on True Religion‘s alleged financial status. That’s not up for debate at the moment, or when it comes down to the everyday fashion geek. As far as the quality of garments & expected top notch fashion, ain’t nothing rocky about that.

Lately Rocco skinny jeans has been buzzing in urban & upscale environments. Very trendy & sauced up for different occasions. Me myself (Dj Waffles) is more of a loose fit jean wearing trap star. Not to mention I’m waaaay to big to be f#cking around lbvs. Or maybe not? Ion think the women give a damn long as I’m fresh ya feel me!

Geno brand jeans is another option of the latest eye cathers via True Religion. Deals deals deals is all most folks care about. There’$ plenty poppin right now courtesy of your local upscale retailers. Thank me later

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