Evanston Releases Video Of Northwestern Grad Arrested For Stealing His Own Vehicle

Some situations Chicago & surrounding suburban Officer’s handle, actually can be deescalated. It’s all on how all parties handles the matter at hand. A call about a stolen vehicle shouldn’t be handled like a robbery or murder.


Hearsay is exactly that, hear say. Sometimes it can be valid, or sometimes overly opininated. At this moment is the fine line between profiling. Most of the time if you have to question yourself on rather you are being racist or not, you probably are.


You be the judge & decide whether Lawrence Crosby was belligerant, resisting arrest, etc. Realize most peace officers issue those charges to the innocent after making an azz (assumption) out themselves for not guestimating correctly about an individual or crime.

Sad part about all the racist people defending the officers actions are, most innocent citizens with prior backgrounds will automatically be in the wrong regardless if they actually are or not due to their background. It became a little more intricate to sweep this fuckery under the rug considering Lawrence wasn’t the typically African American young thug/ convict (racist people mentallity) they’re use to encountering & doing wrong. Sad to witness officers utilizing honorable positions for their own benefit.




All Cops Aren’t bad people at the end of the essay tho. Check out this officer from the same location as Officer Beat Em Up.

On another note, this officer right here got them barz:

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