#PutEmInAcoffin| @VonMar23 °VonMar Thotboyz Vine COMP (Pt3) #FreeVonMar or naw? @TMZ #JackAss

Sometimes you gotta be careful what you ask for, or naw? Depends on whom your asking to be honest! Anyhow the #PutEmInAcoffin comedian

/ artist was recently ordered by a judge to “#puteminthecounty“.

We (BarzRus) wish jail on no human considering jail tends to be inhumane. Not saying crime should be tolerated, it’s just only God can punish (our opinion). On a lighter note VonMar’s Thotboyz squad recently started a #FreeVonMarCampaign in which the goal was to reach 25O,000 #Dbond (10% required) the judge issued due to VonMar being accused of allegedly doing these JACKASS stunts because quote unquote “you’re trying to be famous

VonMar on comparing his allegedly 7/11 ramshack ordeal to JackAss’ cast:
They were doin the Same EXACT THINGS im doin UNTIL THEY GOT FOUND n Started GETTIN $$$$,” he wrote on Facebook. “Guess WHAT?? im on my WAY.”

PS: °Put Em In A Coffin° official audio will premiere upon VonMar’s release. Follow the brogod on instagram for more details. Last time we heard he is asking for assistance on bond via PayPal.

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