FlashbackFriday| @FilmOnTV Presents Cassidy Vs. Dizaster ReMatch [Full Battle] @Cassidy_Larsiny @MrDizaster

Rather or not you feel the original battle took a black eye/ was a let down far as being compared to #kotd, Smack/Url, etc..The barz & sportsmanship of battle rap persevered! Despite the technical difficulties & subpar sound quality which took place in Los Angeles on December 6th, fans still had something to conclude their opinion on whom the winner was. Thanks to both participants linking back up before Cass left L.A; to give fans what they paid for.

Me personally i would say both of these artists came with it on the rematch, & held my attention!  Press play & you be the judge on if Mr. Chicken, or Krack City's Dizaster took the #W.

ps: This ReMatch ended up being held/ videotaped in a parking garage (no excuses)

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Dizaster vs Cassidy (Full Battle) BarzRus

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