DcYoungFly Isn’t A Fan Of Wendy William’s Swimsuit Debut, Claims Her Body’s Built Like A Trombone

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Dc Youngfly takes his ig following to band class. Alleges Wendy Williams body is built like a trombone. After that he goes on to say it looks as is she farts up her back. Lmao, this is complete stupidity that our staff don’t condone.

Only weird thing about the whole situation is Wendy has soooo many enemies, the jokes cracked lead to a million views via ig. Karma is a mf some will say, or is it just Dc is an azzhole. I (Eggo Da Waffleman) don’t agree personally that her swimsuit looks like a diaper. Leave that lady alone Youngfly.

Posted By. Dj Waffles

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