Chief Keef & Glo Gang Members Arrested For Beat Down Of Ramsay Tha Great, NBC News Reports

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The exact charges filed are yet to be leaked to the public as of now. What we do know is Sosa & Gbe members has been taken into custody over claims Chicago producer accused them of. Chief Keef has a prior criminal back ground Tarzana’s news team reports.

Money money money monayyy, – monayy” is now what Chicago Producer (Ramsay Tha Great) chants. He went to social media days ago to expose the pumpkin head he received allegedly from Glo Gang. He also let it be known that his beat down comes with a 3hunna thousand dollar lawsuit.


“Chief Keef should have left that mentality back in Chicago”, is the words of frustrated Ramsay Tha Great. Lots of mixed emotions from the (I’m Telling) producer. Donald Trump just spoke on Chicago’s coonery that will lead to Federaliez swarming in. At least Sosa nem wasn’t arrested in Chi-raq to say the least.


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