Can TV x @ChicagoCrook TV Presents: Season2 Episode3 °Does Talent Matter° f/ Chicago Entrepreneurs (Dir: @JoeBlacula)


DOES TALENT MATTER IN THIS HIP HOP ERA WE’RE IN? We would love for you to offer your opinion also via comment if applicable. On another note, Joe Blacula (Founder Of Chicago CrookTV) managed to obtain Q&A from the following entrepreneurs, artist, directors, mentors,etc..

Featuring – Bennie Franks, Brad Kelly, Redsnappa, Cayex Illah, Killa Clint, Doc Mananoff, Doc Illah, Dwight D’Nilla Woods, Illyt, Merk Murphy, Naki, Swagga, Que Billah, Sinatris, Maurice “Titan” Davis, TL Williams, Toure’ Muhammad, Will Gates

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