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Chicago based entertainment company spacializing in music, film, Djing (Lil Drank (DJ BigCup), Eggo Da Waffleman (DJ Waffles), publishing (Selena Slevine, Redsnappa & XoTheeGreat), booking, & marketing. Based in the Rogers Park area of Chicago. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to get updates on the Djs & artist (Citikidz, Bagboy Butta, Swagga, Wendy Citi, Real Hitta & Talkofchicago) we manage.

Swagga - Sounds Like You P (File2)-1

In the meantime follow the group online: (BarzRus) on spotify, deezer, shazam, itunes, tidal, google play, amazon, iheartradio, pandora, etc..

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