Barzrus 101| Night Before Christmas

Not just another musical, this Chicago drama embodies the reality of indie musicians. Talkofchicago (Empire – A&R) stars as Trent, Chairman of Barzrus. The neighborhood alley mechanic Norman evolves into DJ Waffles. Lyric Zinn stars as cousin Jay Jay, known for doing too much.
Ciara, Carri & Briel (Trent’s three daughters) are also dreamchasers whom later creates the rap group Citikidz, Barzrus signees.

They say when it rains it pours, or when it snows it cause road side assistance. Trent calls the best alley mechanic (Norman) in Chicago, whom happens to become more of a deterrent. All these unexpected chain of events happens the Night Before Christmas. Carri, Ciara, & Briel considers their father a deadbeat excuse making loser.

Mandrell Nichols – Trent
Lyric Zinn – Jay Jay
Maranda Zinn – Carri
Melody Zinn – Briel
Falisa Zinn – Mona
Damon Washington – Norman
Legend Zinn – Macho
Helen Nichols – Momma
Brandon Reed – Cartoonist B.Reed
T.Swayer – Battle Rapper
Transmu(h)ndane – Battle Rapper 2

Ep 101| Night Before Christmas


An urban drama involving rivalry of three siblings (Carri, Ciara & Briel). Things go left once cousin Jay Jay moves in, if overstaying his welcome was a person it’s him. Takes place in Windy City, ironically cold December. The Night Before Christmas triggers a messy New Year courtesy of bad santa (Trent).

 On a lighter note, two month old Legend Zinn takes on role of Macho, a handsome handful of enfamil energy. Who but Ciara wouldn’t want a precious newborn brother? Once Carri recognize gifts aren’t gifting, she no longer thinks highly of the family newest edition either. 

 On behalf of Barzrus tik tok trending, the label becomes global generating royalties, and sponsors. Talkofchicago (Trent) in his bag to say the least, a force to be reckoned with. There’s even room at the round table for DJ Waffles, a former alley mechanic better known as Norman.


Mandrell Nichols – (Director)
Talkofchicago – (Producer)
Helen Nichols – (Co-Producer)
Mandrell Nichols – (Writer)
Barzrus Films – (Cinematography)
Falisa Zinn – (Composer)
Lyric Zinn – (Composer)
Mandrell Nichols – (Composer)
Helen Nichols – (Composer)

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Baby Smart 101| Citikidz Sneakers Ball

Baby Smart (Season 1) will soon be available for streaming via your favorite platforms. Chicago’s very own Melody Zinn has launched her very own TV Show. Stay tuned as the youngest rapper/ actor takes the big screen by storm. 

Five year old rapper/ actor Melody Zinn leads the family in season one of Baby Smart. Older sibling Mariel takes on the role of Moogy, a pessimist/ naysayer.

On the other hand Lil Bonnet (Maranda Zinn) is the optimistic sibling whom loves art. Lil Lyric (Lyric Zinn) in his own world chasing girls & Hoop dreams.

Far from typical parenting from father Chino (Mandrell Nichols). Luckily momager Celine (Falisa Zinn) keeps everyone balanced, except Baby Smart.


New urban family show involving four competitive siblings. The youngest of the bunch Baby Smart (Melody Zinn) demands the utmost respect & attention though.
The ZinNichols plans on making it one way or another in this musical season of dramady.


Mandrell Nichols (Director)
Talkofchicago (Producer)
Falisa Zinn (Composer)
Mariel Zinn (Composer)
Maranda Zinn (Composer)
Lyric Zinn (Composer)
Melody Zinn (Composer)

Citikidz Sneakers Ball|

Staying fresh in Chicago for schoolagers goes without question. When Sneakers Ball comes around you have to be a little more drippy/ creative it seems. Baby Smart has something up her sleeve to shine amongst the stars though. Team big drip!

Baby Smart 101 

Baby Smart 102| Baby Shark Toca Life Vacation


Melody Zinn (Baby Smart)
Maranda Zinn (Lil Bonnet)
Lyric Zinn (Lil Lyric)
Falisa Zinn (Celine)
Mandrell Nichols (Chino)
Mariel Zinn (Moogy)

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City Chronicles 101| Welcome to Chicago

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An urban drama unveils the reality that surrounds today’s Citikidz. You just never know what to expect dealing with City Chronicles.

Maranda Zinn (We Grown Now) takes on principal role of Jaccari, Welcome to Chicago.

Jacarri gets arrested & questioned for the body of a close friend. Meanwhile, Jordan has family issues at home that boil over to deep fear. It seems impossible for Citikidz to find peace amongst all the noise in the city. 

Welcome to Chicago 


Maranda Zinn – Director
Maranda Zinn – Producer
Maranda Zinn – Writer
Falisa Zinn – Composer
Mandrell Nichols – Composer 

SYNOPSIS Chicago’s youth faces daily obstacles attempting to do right despite temptation. Peer pressure for generation alpha at an all time high. No telling which Citikid will be in the hot seat next.

 Follow Jaccari, Jordan , Morgan, Layla, Carter and Javi on a never ending saga.

OWNER Maranda Zinn
FIRST LISTED 2024-01-08
RELEASE DATE 2024-01-19



Maranda Zinn – Jaccari
Mariel Zinn – Morgan
Lyric Zinn – Jordan
Melody Zinn – Layla
Jameel Mims – Carter
Jacobi Mims – Javi
Falisa Zinn – Detective Nina

City Chronicles 102| Life Be Lifin (Preview)

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Lil Reese Debuts – Come Outside (Video), Ironically on Friday 13th

Powered by. Lamron| YouTube| Friday 13th

What better day than Friday the 13th for Reese to ask the opps to Come Outside? There’s no better day besides Halloween fooley. On nat note, we gonna beg of you to stay inside.

Get in tune sooner than later. Y’all awready know how 300 rockin’. In my Fredo Santana voice: “issa scary sight”.

Posted by. DJ Big Cup

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Holiday Season, Talkofchicago & DJ Amaris Debuts – Lit Like Christmas

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Pre-Order Lit Like Christmas just in time for the holidays. Chicago’s dynamic duo just made it possible to feel Thanksgiving, Xmas, & New Years all at the same time. Find out what a Chicago Christmas has to offer via Talkofchicago.

On nat note, stream now via your favorite platform, so much too be Thankful For!

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Video| Billionaire Black – Vlone (feat. Smooth)

Powered By. New Drip| Free Billionaire| Sauce

`I’m getting tired of Gucci need some Vlone’ is what the homie Billionaire yellin! Could you blame him tho? Besides the legal destback Billy is currently facing, Chicago’s drilla found time to leave fans epic visuals. Here go one right here featuring Smooth, press play.

Posted By. XO

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Stream| Bagboy Swag – Rugrats (6ix9ine Diss) on Tidal & Apple Music

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Posted By. Redsnappa

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Video| Citikidz – Chuck E. Cheese, Available on Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, Etc.

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The Youngest Rappers (Citikidz) is back with another hit single to continue the wave they’ve built. The Chicago young trio has decided to revamp the Chuck E dance. Besides putting their own dab to the happy dance, the new lyrics to accompany this movement is beyond on point. Press play already to find out why the Citikidz are flossin, `up in Chuck E. Cheese´

Posted By. Eggo Da Waffleman

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PSA| Big Drako – Biggest Comeback of the Year, Available on All Platforms

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