Super Mario Bros. Vs. @WelvenDaGreat – Something Came In The Mail Today, What? – Deez Nutz (@GotEem @DeenoDeen)


Luigi has just sent Mario clean off to link up with Welven Da Great to conquer the first few boards. Maybe, just maybe he put more on Welven than he could handle as he let the princess down along with Atown. King Koopa told Welven he aint gettin any nookie which made the #DeezNutz hitta unsuccessful.

Due to Super Mario Bros first board being incomplete, Welven went the comedian route.

Welven speaks: Something Came In The Mail today!

John Moe replies: What it was moe?

FedEx Package: Deez Nutz

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Welven answers: DeezNutz

Posted By. Selena Slevine

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