#Video| Neezy x C-Tho – F**cked Up (@Ctho_ @NeezyCalhoun)| Dir: By. Shank Robinson #RipNeezy

Cant get a job cuz of felonies/
Loss some ni$$@z due to jealousy
– #Ctho

Rest Up #Neezy


Neezy N Ctho brings us along on a trip thru Chicago’s norf pole (rogers park area) to paint this fucked up reality of Chicago. Every person has their own story to tell based off their path thus far. The path these hittaz took/ born into apparently lead to some not so bright experiences. One thing you must applaud tho, is the ability & will power via Christ to turn it all around.


Yall got us fucked up if yall thought we wasn’t posting this new #Neezynation x #Ctho

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