This Queen Key – Dreams is Unbeweavable, S/o Lil Kim & Rip Biggie

Wow, what Key said about Lil Baby main heaux is unbeweaveable. Ciara probably wouldn’t like the Future punchlines either, lol. This track & flow is a match made in Hollywood tho.
Queen Key seems to be even more on a whole lotta gang shit than before. Rumor has it she has dreams of fuc$in an R&B trick, or rapper. Yo man might even be on Queen’s hitlist. How could you be surprise tho? Queen shit bi#ch. Powered by Lil Kim/ Biggie & all the greats whom came before Chicago’s drill Queen. Btw, Chance ain’t her brudda. “He cud get it too,” she says.

Posted By. Selena Slevine

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