The Hanging Of A Caucasian Child In XXXtentacion’s – Look At Me Video Has Lead To Unwanted KKK Threats

WTF is wrong with this situation besides every damn thing? No trick question, the world wants answers!!?

First of all lets not zoom in alongside the typical race card debate. No child of any race should be utilized in a video at all in this manner (my opinion).

Despite the hidden message XXXtentacion intends to get across, once you expose this type of creative control (his perspective most likely) you have to prepare for the backlash which follows. On nat note we want to invite you to the words of none other than Dj Akademiks.

Look At Me video has definitely gave the outspoken artist the attention he demanded. We’re sure the KKK threats wasn’t apart of the expectations, but that would be too much like right. Check out the official visual which all the controversy stemmed over.

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