Stream| Wendy Citi, Bo Deal & Lady Tay – Drapin (feat. Swagga)

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`Her hair up in a bun, astound by the fact/
She ain’t wanna let it drape down to her back
┬┤| Dat Way. There’s several ways trapperz, Hair Masters & car lovers can drape. Down Souf artist has been known for drip drop paint jobs since forever.

Chicago’s female artist Wendy Citi decides to shed light on Drapin. She connects with Bo Deal, Lady Tay & her labelmate (Swagga) to paint the pic. New waves are now taking place via a hair boutique near you, if you choose to try this within your spare time.

Audio available on amazon, Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music & Google Play.

Posted By. Selena Slevine

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