Short Film| Mack Mecca – Robbin’ Hoods (episode III) Edited By: Shank Robinson (@MackMecca5)


Every street hitta in Chicago knows duckin 12 from harassment aint that damn easy. However nickel slick Mack Mecca along with his click of bullshittaz tends to beat the odds. They may have won in that lane, but all the homies who died from stolen packs, gang violence, etc.. couldn’t be avoided in Robbin Hoods (episode III).


Watch below as ringleader Bo Deal attempts to make hothead Mecca aware of the heat & uproar he is causing. Be on the lookout for episodes 4-6 which will be combined in 1, to hit movie theatres near you. This is a Shank Robinson visual btw. Appearances via Waka Flocka, Boss Top, Braindead Ent, BFN, Kapz, Big Slim, Parkside Slim, Yaya White, etc..


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