Sho-Nuff| Spike Lee’s Chi-raq (#Movie) Will Be In Your Neighborhood Theatres Before The End Of 2015 (@SpikeLee)


Yep it’s true, we’ve now got the official sayso via the film making icon himself ($pike). Via social media Mr. Lee broadcasted the long anticipated news. Basically Spike says the film is now in post-production.

Post-production is the final steps/ editing & synchronization of a film before being released. Spike commented back to an instagram follower & stated Chi-raq is geared towards December. Stay tuned & be on standby for a trip to your local theatre & not your neighborhood #bootlegger.

Spike Lee’s Chi-raq features a star studded cast with names like Nick Cannon, Samuel L. Jackson, John Cusack, Dave Chappelle, Jennifer Hudson, & Wesley Snipes to name a few. Lookout for plenty of Chicago artist whom will also have cameos throughout.

Purchase: Find Out (Chi-raq)



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