#ShittinOnEm |Watch| Daylyt2k – Battle Rapper Daylyt Attempts To Take A #2 On Stage In Phoenix

This guy right here, lol, somethin else! Some folk using the term #ShittinOnEm loosely, but everyone doesn’t! In Phoenix goin live, battle rapper Daylyt attempts to defecate on public stage once crowd boos without meeting his threat of `if you dont stop`. Unfortunately, well fortunate for us security put an end to the madness!

Battle: Real Deal vs. Daylyt aka Mr.#2
Sponsored by: #Charmins Tissue

>>Daylyt goin LIVE


@daylyt2k14 in full antics mode.

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>>Real Deal goin in


Real Deal vs Daylyt in Phoenix

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>>Charmin’s tissue advocate suffers from constipation/ gets interrupted by security


Security pulling @daylyt2k14 off this stage before he could shit. He'll get it someday.

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>>Daylyt gets removed from building


Daylyt removed from the building. @daylyt2k14

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