#PSA | Video| @Jimbo_Go_Dumb °No Tellin° x @TaeeDaProducer {dir: @Mr2canons}

We not too sure about other people neck of the woods, but here in Chicago we have laws & policies real street niggaz abide by. One of those laws are 1st N foremost no talkin/ #silenceNsecrecy/ #duck/ #stfu, etc..

Thing is, some of you illiterate mfs didn’t catch on when Chatman Boys started the NO TALKING campaign. Therefore, da homie Jimbo Duh Kidd had to reiterate the rules with a vivid visual via Mr. 2Canons! #Stfu ok #thanxinadvance

Posted by XO


Charges: #uuw

Precinct: Harrison / kedzie

Informant: #nobody – NO TELLIN

DISPOSITION: released after 72hour investigation

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