#LMAO| Khadi Don – Ghetto Funeral Speaker #Parody (@KhadiDon) #SuckerFreeSunday

Nowadays:You gotta watch who you let you speak at the funeral. – Khadi


R.I.P. Keisha first of all. As this ceremony begin we ask yu cut down all that sad music & shit. Khadi Don is the speaker for the service we hav provided for Keisha’s funeral.

Thing is, shit got a lil out of hand…when she (Khadi Don) claimed Keisha to be throwin up gang signs. If you think that was disrespectful enough, Khadi has claimed Keisha (R.I.P.) gave her authorization to wat?? Play her mixtape #smdh.

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Ghetto Funeral Speaker| Get Rich Or Be A Stripper Tryin


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