PSA| @EggoDaWaffleMan, Lil Drank & RedSnappa Presents: Playing Dumb @LilDrank773 @Redsnappa773


BarzRus staff tries our best to support & spread the luv doing so. On top of that we do this with no ulterior motive. Thing is respect & keeping it real goes a long way!

On nat note, if you submit to us in any shape/ form of fashion, insinuating we post your material…..& we do so…This is where PLAYING DUMB comes into play. Same mfs (mainly chicago artist) who insist we post dont #rt or acknowledge their own post!! Lol…#kool

We have came to the conclusion that we will nicely respectively PLAY DUMB also. Lol. Therefore dont wonder why when you shoot us another link, we duck it. Lol
Js #PlayDumb pt1
#BarzRus Xclusive


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