>>[Petit Dejeuner] Gemski TV Presents: °Barz 4 Breakfast #Vol3° f/ @SwaveSevah (@Gemski203)

Dear Mr. Battle Rap it’s about time you & i have a chat/
you’ve changed you aint really been the same since you got with SMACK #Sevah

Barz4Breakfast is now in effect. Some artist gets their wakeNbake on off cereal (preferably Apple Jacks & beer) on the other hand some prefer bacon, eggs, & waffles. Either way it go, you gone get this work. GemskiTV decided to enjoy breakfast in New York this go around. S/o to everyone who came out nd supported the punchlines/ metaphors served.

Powered by BattleRap101 |GemskiTV| Cheerios| Apple Jacks
Posted by @DaEggoWaffleMan


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