#SomeoneYouShoudKnow @100PercentMDN °Ming Da Ninja Chicago’s Best Kept Secret°

MING DA NINJA is an amazing female hip hop/pop rap prodigy. Not to mention she has her manicured hands in several other fields also, including: interviews, ghostwriting, artist devolopment, etc..

Born and raised (on the west side of Chicago), in one of the
cities most notorious gang infested areas, Despite facing the odds, Ming didn’t let that hinder her. Showing the world “the life of a pretty chick” by using her lyrical yet Prima Donna animated style to express her everyday life experiences and encounters.


Other then pursuing her music career, she has ventured off into fashion design,cosmetic tutorials and radio interviewing.
She has performed at some of the hottest venues and events around town.
MING has finessed the crowd with her GLAMOROUS fashions, amazing makeup
and sweet and sassy voice.

Currently Chicago’s femcee is working on new mix tape “CHIRAQ BEST KEPT SECRET
which will include many of her hot new and previous songs such as “Suck My Swagg” “BadBad Thang” and “BADBITCH”.
This GLITTER PRINCESS is proving to the world, she is merely just a pretty face, but a true BOSS powerhouse.

#NuffSAID #pressPLAY >>>>>>> https://soundcloud.com/mingdaninja/listen-to-my-latest-song

Recently the female entrepreneur Ming managed to find time to interview/ link with singers (PLAT-NUM P•L•U•S)! The artist names are below whom embodies this group!

Marquis Quis Burnette
Jamaal Sleezy Manson
Joel Joeheat Manson
Marc Alonzo

Purchase their latest single off #itunes called °FIRE CRACKER° (bottles) & check out the interview below!!

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