Ny’s Uncle Murda And Maino Creates Uproar over °Hands Up° Video Filmed At Nassau County Jail

Hip Hop / Black America / minorities in general definitely been in need of a down to earth spokesperson. Lets be real, we cant expect Obama to save the world/ fix everything. #wishfulthinking

Therefore we are blessed Maino N Uncle Murda used a visual to display the fuckery. Yes, somehow these guys managed to rent New York’s Nassau County Jail out to (so they say) insult them.

Uproar and scrutiny flourished from authority afterwords as in how in they hell was these rappers able to do so. Maybe if it was Hollywood that they rented out to pay homage to Mike Brown and Eric Garner….it would’ve been a less smack in the face!! I throw my Hands Up far as trying to please everyone, Maino & Unc should too.

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