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Damn, you can stream Talkofchicago 24/7 via iHeart. Station seems to be well balanced/ diversed with multiple indy/ mainstream artist. A few of those similar artist you can expect to hear streaming are: Rihanna, Xxxtentacion, Smokepurpp, BarzRus, King Louie, Kendrick, Beyonce, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, etc…

The best part of waking up, isn’t just folgers in your cup, it’s having options. Not only has iheartradio launched the new Chicago hip-hop/ R&B station, but Pandora connected the dots also.

Download the apps via google play already if you haven’t, then search: Talkofchicago. If I’m not mistaken he has left a recent detailed message for the world Craig.
Posted By. Selena Slevine

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