New Arrivals| Barzrus – Sounds Like You (P) Hoodies, Long Sleeves & Women’s Premium Tees

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Just once you thought every model/ style of hoodies has been presented, we are here to certainly surprise you. BarzRus Apparel has just launched the (P) edition hoodies, long sleeve tees & women’s premium tees. Just in case you’ve been sleeping under lower wacker drive lately, the (P) stands for Pandora. Suit yourself though, you can consider P an acronym for playa, pimp or pimpstress if you insist.

You have the options of pocking between several variety of colors & sizes. Btw, what good is peanut butter without the damn jelly? Stream/ purchase the official Swagga – Sounds Like You audio to accompany your purchase.

Posted By. Dj BigCup

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