Fitness? Singer Ashanti And Samaria Smith (LL Cool J’s Daughter) Twerks At Pajama Party (#Video)

There is definitely a new trend/ weight lost routine going viral. This is 50 times better than that hip-hop ab shit bro in the tight shirt be doin (no disrespect) & for females ONLY. Wow, singer Ashanti twerks that big ole rump shaver in her money stiched onesies with Samaria. Ion know if LL was Cool was aware about this ordeal or not. But maybe, just maybe he was unaware of the fitness room available on site at the sleepover.

In case you missed Ashanti’s twerk video prior to this, you’re really losin. All twerkers in the following visual probably hasn’t signed release documents. So please be discreet when viewing/ sharing. #DontTellNobody (pops voice)



Yall see what Jerome Rome on! I’m (@LilDrank773) finna WATCH THIS

Pajama jammy jam #onesiesOnly #twerkChronicles part 1….my sis @sislovespurple getting ready to blast off!!

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