We (BarzRus( gets no satisfaction reporting/ blogging someone’s adversity!

However, fact remains Durk’s arrest thursday has caused him to stay in custody till Nov13th for another hearing. Despite Durk & his lawyer feels non guilty is Durk’s scenario, Judge James Brown, & the states attorney felt otherwise!

Stipulations of Parole & probation are typically not to get arrested at all, regardless of what the case outcome may be. The court still can hold a defendant for vop on just the arrest.

We ask of you to stay prayered up that #Otf member #Durk will not suffer from a charge that doesn’t directly proves he was in possession of the two firearms found, not to mention there being several other individuals in the home during the raid/ investigation!

The initial post/ details of Durk’s arrest can be found here [Chicago Tribune] via  along with the case updates as it becomes available!

Location of arrest Orland Park, Illinois

Time of Arrest: 5am Wed Nov5th

Reason of Raid: Homicide Investigation


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