`I’m A Peon, But I Ain’t Never Pee On A Bih That’s What He’s On:´ Cassidy – Bars Is Back [@Rkelly Diss]

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First of all lets for one minute not actually call this a Kelz diss. Once that minute is over we going to call the intro of bars is back a gotd@mn R Kelly diss. The way Cass paints the scenery of the Hotel song atmosphere of behind the scenes is interesting.

Yep, thots, bottles, gas, & Cassidy getting swallowed up. Sounds great, but what went wrong? Well lets just say, Cassidy aka Mr. Chicken compares his pimpin status to the big homie Kelz. In that comparison Cass managed to fall short & actually called himself a peon. On another note he flips the next bar with: but i ain’t never pee on a bitch thatz what he’s on. Shots Fired

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