How Swagga – Karate (Challenge) Went Viral on Tik Tok @TikTok_Us @Swagga773

Karate Challenges Matter: Pandora Apple Spotify Amazon Tidal YouTube Tik Tok Deezer

If you would’ve asked Swagga a year or so back when this song was created would it go viral, the answer would be, no. That was then, now streaming technology & a consitent push would change everything. When it’s all said & done the Barzrus affilate (Swagga) had a science behind the takeoff.

There were multiple components behind going viral for the Chicago diverse sounding artist. One, the fact that Swagga wasn’t scared to be different. Two, choosing the right aggregator makes a big difference on your music availability. If the consumer can’t find the sound they’re looking for asap on their go to platform.., not goood. The third ingredient to the karate challenge recipe was rocking with the tik tokkers that supports your sound! 

Lil Nas X had the right idea way back then, support your own challenges you’ve created. Swagga wasn’t scared to admit he learned from the youngest in charge, (Citikidz) whom has over 300 tik tok videos by fans for their sound Chuck E. Cheese! The lesson he learned was don’t be afraid to interact with your audience. Be creative in doing so considering your own way may be prolific!

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