#FreeTheGuyz| Label CEO Anyextee Says: Max B Could Be A Free Man In As Soon As Two Years

Amalgam Digital record label’s ceo – Anyextee recently released hopefully a potential freedom plan for New York’s hitta Max B. According to the artist/ rapper a last ditch effort could save Max from spending his life in prison.


We recently sold Max B’s catalog as part of a play to help get him out,” Anyextee recently told DZI. “He and his family were excited about this as the company we sold it to has agreed to put up the required capital to fund a proper legal defense using the defense attorneys that we always wanted to use,” he explained. “It’s possible Charly could be out as soon as two years if the legal team is successful in their strategy. He already has time served under his belt.”

Max was sentenced to 75 years in prison in September 2009 for his part in a botched kidnap robbery that left one man dead. He has since been serving out his time in a New Jersey prison

Full story – #Here

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