°Do The Lyrics Contribute To The Violence°? Season 2 (#Episode1) @ChicagoCrook TV #CanTV

chicagocrook TV season 2 episode 1 barzrus
Episode 1Do The Lyrics Contribute To The Violence?
I’m (@selenaslevine1) quite sure it does if you’re asking me! This segment is directed to who but the artist tho! Press Play to find out what Bennie Franks, Redsnappa, Brad Kelly, Cayex Illah, Killa Clint, Doc Mananoff, Doc Illah, Dwight D’Nilla Woods, Illyt, Merk Murphy, Naki, Swagga, Que Billah, Sinatris, Maurice “Titan” Davis, TL Williams, Toure’ Muhammad, Will Gates, Dawee Jameel, Darias “DeWATTZ” Watson, and Fremont Jackson had to say!?

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