Da Real Gee Money’s Auntie Sends Message To Rappers Shooter, `This Is A Hard Pill To Swallow´ Uncle Says

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First of all rest in peace Da Real Gee Money & condolences goes out to his family. This young black on black/ hate on hate epidemic is getting out of hand. When does it stops, does it? It’s sad & really ironic months back Boosie mentioned in an interview most rappers deaths happens in their own hometown. Let that marinate..

Shooters has to realize not only do you injure the shooter, you damage the spirits of their loved ones. There are people Aunties & Uncles left behind who you have to answer to…

Auntie happens to be looking for the shooter or shooters which creates more of an ongoing issue. Uncle Gee Money started off the Godly way by working with acceptance it appears in the video above. Well that was then, Unc is on y’all heels as of now. He mentions “this is a hard pill to swallow“. Prayers goes out to Gee Money’s family & friends.

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Watch| Da Real Gee Money Industry video

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