Controversy Over Chief Keef’s – Granny’s, Producer @OfficialJSoroka Claims He Invented & @OtwgBeats Modified


Who actually made Chief Keef granny’s instrumental? We recently held a Q&A with producer Otwg Beats where in the interview he claimed ownership.


Producer Julian Soroka via email just begged to differ. Julian provided BarzRus staff with a reference track of the alleged initial version along with his opinion of the interview we posted with producer Dustin Pugh (Otwg Beats).


As a blog we keep it real & stay neutral due to rocking with both parties. We have no opinion in this matter. Our job is to provide both sides of a story within reason. Press play on what producer Soroko claims to be the original Chief Keef track that he alleged was knocked off/ altered. Julian’s key proof to his case he plans to pursue is the #date of upload, along with other pertinent key details he possesses.

Julian Soroka’s production of: Granny’s

OTWG’s production of: Granny’s

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