Citikidz – Official Hoodies, Premium Tees, Long Sleeve Tees & Tote Bags For Sale

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Citikidz ain’t playing around on this new apparel line. Besides the new t-shirt deal these three Chicago children/ artist inked, another deal got inked damn near at the same time. Options options options is what you now have on the fashion table.

Hurry Up & Buy already, Amazon Prime is waiting on you at checkout!

If the selection above happens to not fulfill your void, no worries. Long Sleeve Tees (Gildan), Tote Bags, hoodies & Women’s Premium Tees has just arrived. Grab you one of the above while its in stock. Thank us later!

Perhaps you’re pickier than most, & would like an even wider variety. How about a different logo color? Citikidz Apparel ain’t done turnin up yet, so we got you. Kid’s hoodies, Women’s Tees, All White Logo Font Hoodies & Long Sleeve Tees on deck.

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